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I'm searching for people who have been experiencing verbal, corporal and/or economic violence based on structural discrimination within the context of the University.

----> what's structural violence?

Everybody who is/was studying, teaching or assisting at the University and feels adressed is welcome to contribute by recording their screaming.

artistic approach

It is an  interactive Sound-(Video)installation.

The very final implentation is open for feedback. 

Every participant is asked to scream as lond as possible into my voice recorder. Those recordings are planned to be registered and distributed via headphones, placed in different spots at the university of applied arts.

I myself will be part of the installation as well.

In total the soundinstallation will concsist of min. 30 different headphones, each one looping one scream in order to create a collectivly screaming soundcloud in the building of the university.




Everyone who feels adressed is very welcome to email me for further information and questions.

No names will be specified.

Primary importance is given to the aim of confronting existing structural hierarchies that are breeding grounds for structural discrimination.

Recordings are planned to start in fall 2020. Final exhibition in January 2021.


about me

I'm studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and am a former student at the departement of African Studies at the University of Vienna.

My artistic approach mostly contains interactive and/or performative elements critically embodying socio-political discourses.

Further I am co-funder of the collective XhansXfranz- an artist duo, that moves performativly and documentarly through public space.

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