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pics by Abiona Esther Ono + Barbara Mair

>What comes after the storm?<

Kristin Jackson + Rey Joichl + Xava Mikosch

Kaleidoskop + Theater Arche Vienna

Rey Joichl, Xava Mikosch and Kristin Jackson are interdisciplinary performers who string together dance, drag, music, erotic performances and digital practices.

>What comes after the storm?< is a

continuing string of performances that

explore the pain of transitioning, dysphoria and discrimination loneliness but also the potential of healing, friendship and structural resistance.

The multimedia piece of 20 minutes is

centered around sharing trans*narratives

to each other, creating a communal space forus to evolve, to experiment, to share

pain, struggles and doubts, but more importantly also joy and the pleasure of simply being ourselves while inviting the audience to witness.

chat recording as part of their performance live projected

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